My Products

I endeavor to stock my store with the highest quality products which will be practical for little folk, but also look fabulous.  

My shoes are made of 100% suede and leather.  The smaller sizes have a soft suede sole which is recommended for little feet, offering protection from sharp objects and the heat or cold but also allowing their feet to learn to walk, develop and grow.  Larger sizes have a flexible rubber sole, making them strong and durable. I design my shoes and collaborated with an external company to make them.  The quality is exceptional and I am proud to be selling them.

All of the clothing items in my store is designed and made by me.  This means many late nights at the sewing machine, but I don't really mind because sewing is my passion and my creative release.  I am constantly dreaming up new outfits, which is why each season will bring something new and exciting.  I am inspired by timeless vintage designs am quite a perfectionist, taking great care on all my garments to make them to the highest quality possible.  

If you have an questions on my items or would like to put in a custom order please email me through the contact tab.