About Us

Hi!  My name is Lauren.  I am a Melbourne based wife and mother of one.  

I have started my shop for two reasons:
1. When my little folk was born I was surprised how difficult it was to find cute shoes for her.  Shoes were chunky, ugly, expensive and not at all my style. So I have started my business to help mums find attractive, affordable and quality leather shoes and accessories for their little folks.  Over time I have added a range of handmade clothing to my store for both boys and girls.  The clothes are all handmade by me and full of love and care. 
2. To spend more time with my family. In December 2014 my husband was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Since then his diagnosis has been changed to crohns disease.  By September 2015 he had to have his whole bowel removed. He has had 6 more major surgeries and many minor procedures due to complications with his disease. The disease and surgeries have left him in constant pain and with little energy.  Because of his health he only works part time. I wanted to do something that helps take the pressure off him and allows us to spend more time together with our daughter. 

I hope you find something you like here and look forward to having the chance to do business with you.  Thankyou for supporting this mama and her goal of being the best she can be for her family.

Lauren xo