About Me

Hi!  My name is Lauren.  I live in Eltham North, one of Melbourne's outer suburbs, along with my husband, Mike and our daughter, Amelia.  Our home is surrounded by gumtrees and we love the peace and tranquility.  We are our happiest at home, working on creative projects together. 

I have started my business for two reasons:
The first reason is my daughter.  When she was born I was surprised how difficult it was to find cute shoes for her to wear.  They were chunky, ugly, expensive and not at all my style. So I have started my business to help mums find attractive, affordable and quality leather shoes and accessories for their little folks. 

Over time I have added a range of handmade clothing to my store for both boys and girls.  I am am minimalist who is inspired by vintage, heirloom clothing, pieces that are beautiful - but also practical. I didn't want to make clothes that would just be stored away for a special occasion.  Instead I have come up with designs that are wardrobe staples.  They can be worn on all occasions, washed, ready to wear again and again.  When your little folk outgrows them, please pass them on to be loved and treasured again.  I am always coming up with ideas for new outfits, so each season I add new items to my store - while also keeping your favourites!  ALL my clothes are all handmade by me.  I am very particular with my work and each piece is infused with love and care. 

I also design my shoes and have them produced ethically, from the highest quality - non toxic - leather and waxed leather.  My products are first worn by Amelia so I can ensure their comfort and durability.  

The second reason I started this business is to support my husband. In December 2014 Mike was diagnosed with crohns disease.  By September 2015 he had to have his whole bowel removed. He has had many more major surgeries and countless minor procedures due to complications with his disease. The disease and surgeries have left him severely underweight, in constant pain and with very little energy.  Mike is the most positive person I know, constantly pushing himself to provide for us, and giving his best as both a husband and a provider.  However because of his health he can only work part time. It is a balancing act, between his health and making sure we have enough to cover our daily expenses, so I wanted to do something that helps take the pressure off him and allows us to spend more time together with our daughter.  

In 2022 we started a new journey - homeschooling.  We are enjoying it so much.  Watching Amelia learn and having a big part of her growth is a wonderful experience.  But it also takes a lot of time.  So while I am still enjoying making all your handmade orders, you will notice that there is a shift in my focus towards shoes so that I can keep up with my other tasks of being a mum, wife and now teacher.

Your support of my small business means that we can pay our bills, put food on the table and spend as much time as possible together, enjoying the simple things.  We are so grateful for every order and all the support you give us.  Thankyou for supporting this mama and her goal of being the best she can be for her family.

Lauren xo