Keeping shoes clean

Let's face it. Kids are MESSY.  They gravitate towards puddles.  They jump into mud.  They will always choose the path with most sludge to walk on.  Shoes are made to be lived in - but they should also be able to be cleaned easily.

This is why I love waxed leather.  It holds up to the wear and tear your children will put them through and can be cleaned easily with water and a cloth.  I've seen my shoes walked through salt water, jumped into muddy puddles, water stained by damp grass and each time they've cleaned up so you'd never know about the adventures they've been on.

Here's what to do:
-When you get your shoes, give them a quick spray with a leather conditioner
-If they get dirty, wipe them all over with a damp cloth to avoid leaving water marks
-Allow to dry thoroughly*.
How easy is that?
*Once completely dry you can also condition your shoes with a leather wax, but use sparingly as it can darken the leather.