A Rough Guide to Sizing

Ah, sizing babies, toddlers and children.  How hard is it?!  Just like adults, they are all so different.  Not only that but every pattern is different.

I get asked a lot "what size would you recommend for my child?" So I thought I'd put together a rough sizing guide. 

*Please note there are more comprehensive size charts in the photos of my handmade items and shoe length measurements in the description of each shoe listing.

To choose the right size shoe, its best to measure foot length:

Our T-bars and moccasins are generally easy to slip on and good for wider feet.  

I recommend sizing up in our boots, especially if you want to layer them with socks.  To put the boots on:  Put them over the toe and use the tag at the back to slip them over the heel.  When put on correctly they should be easy to slip on and will stretch a lot with wear.

These tend to be more generous in size.  I would not recommend sizing up in this style.  In fact you could even size down if you want the dress to fit well straight away. 

Long sleeved dresses.
Because of the sleeves and tighter bodice this is a much smaller fit.  Please check your child's chest measurements against the sizing chart.  You may want to size up in this style.

I hope this little guide helps with sizing.  Please refer to our sizing charts for more details and you are always welcome to contact me if you have any further questions.